torrie wilson divas undressed

torrie wilson divas undressed

Torrie Wilson is a former WWE Diva who gained fame for her beauty and athleticism in the wrestling ring. One of the most memorable moments in her career was when she participated in the \”Divas Undressed\” segment on WWE television. This segment showcased the Divas in revealing outfits and allowed them to show off their personalities outside of the ring. In this article, we will explore Torrie Wilson’s involvement in the Divas Undressed segment and its impact on her career.

Torrie Wilson’s WWE Career

Torrie Wilson began her wrestling career in WCW before making the jump to WWE in 2001. She quickly became a fan favorite with her combination of beauty and athleticism. Wilson was involved in several high-profile storylines and feuds during her time in WWE, including a memorable rivalry with Sable.

Divas Undressed Segment

The Divas Undressed segment was a unique opportunity for the female wrestlers to showcase their personalities and individuality outside of the ring. Torrie Wilson participated in the segment, along with other Divas such as Trish Stratus, Stacy Keibler, and Lita. The segment featured the Divas in lingerie and allowed them to talk about their personal lives and interests.

Impact on Torrie Wilson’s Career

The Divas Undressed segment was a controversial moment in Torrie Wilson’s career, as some fans and critics felt that it objectified the female wrestlers. However, Wilson embraced the opportunity to show a different side of herself to the audience. The segment helped to elevate her status as a fan favorite and showcase her confidence and charisma outside of the ring.

Legacy of Divas Undressed

Despite the controversy surrounding the segment, Divas Undressed played a significant role in the evolution of women’s wrestling in WWE. It allowed the female wrestlers to break free from traditional stereotypes and showcase their personalities and individuality. The segment paved the way for future generations of female wrestlers to be taken more seriously as athletes and performers.


Torrie Wilson’s participation in the Divas Undressed segment was a pivotal moment in her career and in the history of women’s wrestling in WWE. While the segment may have been controversial, it helped to showcase Wilson’s confidence and charisma to the audience. The legacy of Divas Undressed lives on in the continued evolution of women’s wrestling in WWE and the empowerment of female wrestlers to be more than just eye candy in the ring.


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